Best 10 Family Cars in Egypt

Family cars in Egypt aren’t just vehicles to take you from one place to another. For us, it’s become like a moving home. The parents, kids, grandparents and even the pets are stuffed into this memory-making machine. We’ve scoured the Egyptian car market to bring you, in our opinion, and in no particular order, the best family cars you can buy in Egypt. We’ve looked at safety, practicality, reliability, comfort, and fuel economy. From budget cars to German luxury – we’ve tried to include the best family cars at all price levels. Feel like we’ve missed one of the best family cars? let us know in the comments below.

1 -Kia Carens

The Kia Carens is one of the best-selling family cars in Egypt, and for good reason. It’s an extremely affordable seven-seater, and comes with lots of equipment for your money. It’s easy to drive, good looking, and has lots of space. The ride is comfortable, settled and calm. As weird as this will sound – the Kia Carens is like a big, friendly hug.
Starting Price: EGP 190,900


2 – Volkswagen Passat

vw passat best family cars in egypt

VW’s Passat is your classic German family vehicle. The interior is the Passat’s overwhelming attraction. There’s loads of space, and the seats are very comfortable. The materials and craftsmanship spells quality and longevity. It’s understated luxury all round. Very easy to drive, very smooth and very comfortable. It’s a solid and straightforward machine that’s built to last. It sells for a decent price considering the premium features and cabin quality.
Starting Price: EGP 255,000


3 – Nissan Qashqai


Nissan has nailed it with the Qashqai. It’s one of the most reliable family cars in the world. The Qashqai is very practical and feels great inside. Your kids will have plenty of room in the back, and you’ll enjoy driving this beauty through Egypt. The engine is strong, quiet, and efficient. The new Qashqai is even more refined than its predecessor and comes packed with tech on the higher trim levels. Nice work, Nissan.
Starting Price: EGP 205,000


 4 – Renault Stepway


If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a spacious interior with a punchy engine, the Renault Stepway is great choice. The running costs of the Stepway are superbly low, and much better than its rivals. The ride and comfort is not the best on this list, but at the same time, it’s not bad at all and certainly not a deal-breaker at this price point. The interior and technology is quite basic, but it looks good for a small SUV and does well for the money. Overall, it’s one of our favorite family cars at this price point.
Starting Price: EGP 130,000


5 – Citroën C4 Picasso & Grand Picasso


The Citroën C4 Picasso is one of the best family cars you can buy. It’s huge on the inside, with an interior that lets in lots of light. The soft suspension makes for a brilliantly comfortable ride and a very pleasant way to travel. It is easy to drive thanks to the excellent steering, visibility and ride height. And in the Grand Picasso, you get two extra seats and even more room. One of the top 10 family cars without a shadow of a doubt.
C4 Picasso Starting Price: EGP 218,800
Grand C4 Picasso Starting Price: EGP 258,800


 6 – Škoda Octavia


The Skoda Octavia is similar to the VW Golf but offers more space and better value. The engine is quite powerful and efficient as well. You won’t find yourself stopping to fill up on petrol as much as you would with the Octavia’s rivals. On the inside, this wonderful family car is large and offers a lot of space. In terms of design, the Octavia won’t win any beauty contests but the upright lines and straight edges are handsome and defined. The cabin is restrained and sensible – nothing too wacky or bizarre. It’s everything you’d expect from this old-time favorite.
Starting Price: EGP 223,000


7 – Mazda 3


Safety and reliability are priorities in our assessment of the best family cars in Egypt, and the Mazda 3 shines in those departments. It’s always a good thing for the parents behind the wheel to know their loved ones are being transported safely. The Mazda 3 is also a beauty on the road with its sleek, sporty design. On the inside, it’s not as big as other family cars on this list so it may appeal more to new families with fewer children and less luggage. This one’s for the mommies and daddies that still want to be cool and hip, but sensible enough to buy a vehicle that doubles up as an excellent family car.
Starting Price: EGP 199,990


8 – Opel Astra


The Astra is one of the best-selling vehicles in Opel’s lineup. It’s a stylish family car with a spacious interior and a quality feel. Under the hood, the engine is powerful and quiet. The German automaker has done everything it can to make sure the Astra is a safe car to drive your family around. In short, the Opel Astra is a good-looking, solid, and dependable family car with a refined interior and plenty of style and space. Couldn’t go wrong with this one.
Starting Price: EGP 188,000


 9 – Peugeot 5008


Cars don’t come more family oriented than this. The Peugeot 5008 is a French triumph of space, practicality and usability. The interior is refined and the dashboard is extremely classy. The best thing about the 5008 is the practicality. When we took it out for a spin, we were blown away by the amount of space and how smart the French engineers have put this car together. There’s even more room than you’d expect in the third row seats. You sit high so driving really is a pleasure and visibility is great. It’s an amazing family car with all the space and practicality you need.
Starting Price: EGP 246,000


10 – BMW X3


Enter German luxury. The BMW X3 is in our opinion one of the best family cars out there. The boot is very big and will carry all your luggage with ease. There’s a lot of space for five people and the interior feels classy and refined as we’ve all come to expect from BMW. The X3’s engines are powerful and efficient, and the ride is just brilliant. The X3 is a beautiful blend of comfort and agility in a classy and spacious cabin. It’s a “best in class” winner from the famous German automaker. Cheers, BMW!
Starting Price: EGP 515,000

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