Best 10 Excellent Lawyers and Law Firms in Egypt

Egypt has an abundance of lawyers that can help you with almost any legal issue. Some are great while others leave a lot to be desired. We’re here to reveal Egypt’s best lawyers and law firms based on the following criteria; client satisfaction, track record, value for money, legal knowledge, experience, and capability. So, without further adieu, check out Egypt’s best lawyers and law firms below and leave us a comment below if you’d like to share your opinion with us.


1 – Eldib & Co

Eldib & Co is a brilliant law firm capable of offering their services in a variety of legal areas including copyright, criminal, corporate, commercial and even litigation and arbitration. Remarkably, Eldib can trace its roots way back to 1875, meaning they’ve seen it all throughout their illustrious history, and nothing you throw at them is likely to surprise them. Their recent track record is very impressive as their talented lawyers continue to bring favorable results to their clients. In fact, client satisfaction levels are higher than almost all other law firms in our survey. While Eldib has been around for a long time, one client mentioned that “they’ve clearly not lost their spark” as their lawyers won her a “complicated” case that other law firms dismissed before Eldib accepted the challenge. In terms of value for money, Eldib charges what you’d expect from a firm of this size and reputation so it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Overall, Eldib & Co is a top law firm we’d highly recommend.
Where: Mokattam
Contact: +20225100000,   Facebook,    Website


2 – Maher Milad Iskander & Co

Maher Milad Iskander is one of the most recognizable and reputable names in the Egyptian law market. This firm is specialized in integrated legal and tax services for both individuals and corporations. Their lawyers are experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and keep their clients as happy as possible. The number of times Maher Milad Iskander came up during our survey goes to show how well perceived and highly rated this law firm is. Most of their clients said that they were very satisfied with the service they received and 86% would recommend them to others. They scored moderately in the value for money category but with a track record and reputation like theirs, Maher Milad Iskander & Co are easily one of Egypt’s best law firms and one you should consider for your legal affairs.
Where: Heliopolis
Contact: +2024189028,   Facebook,   Website


3 – Al Farouq Law

When it comes to capabilities, Al Farouq trumped almost all other law firms in Egypt – they offer almost all legal services possible ranging from criminal law, family law, to tourism and civil aviation law. They also have five star ratings all over the internet, with client feedback backing up those brilliant reviews. Whatever legal issues your facing, rest assured their lawyers will be able to help you in some way. Clients frequently highlighted this firm’s dedication to the cases, and how their lawyers will go above and beyond for their clients. With regards to value for money, Al Farouq does quite well considering their recent run of good form, and prices well within the boundaries of the market standards. Overall, Al Farouq Law ticks plenty of our boxes. Highly recommended.
Where: Downtown
Contact: +201000058151,   Facebook


4 – Helmy, Hamza & Partners

Next up on our list is a truly outstanding firm, which happens to be a member of the world’s second biggest law firm, Baker McKenzie. In terms of capabilities, Helmy, Hamza & Partners are likely to be Egypt’s most experienced and effective with high profile mergers and acquisitions, project finance and capital markets. This is the go-to firm for supersized deals, treaties, cases, lawsuits, and so on. As you can imagine, this firm charges a pretty penny for their services but in return, you benefit from the crème de la crème of Egypt’s lawyers. Their clients claim that this is the “most professional, no fuss” law firm around. Their reputation helps them attract the country’s most promising up and coming lawyers, so their future looks bright as well. This firm runs like a well-oiled machine with impeccable timing and great results. So if you’re after a top law firm specialized in corporate, financial and capital markets, then look no further. Helmy, Hamza & Partners is the Goliath you want in your corner.
Where: Corniche El-Nil
Contact: +20224619301,   Website


5 – Tahoun

While Tahoun is not as old as other law firms on this list, it still managed to shine during our survey. By inspecting their recent cases, we realized that they’ve been doing a great job and returning favorable results for their clients. Speaking to their clients, both past and current, we noticed a strangely beautiful pattern. Their clients weren’t just happy with their service, they seemed proud. Whatever Tahoun is doing to instill a sense of pride in their clients is remarkable. At the moment, they may be competing with tons of other law firms, but Tahoun looks poised for a breakthrough success story. Their lawyers are qualified, experienced, and ready to be at your service. Tahoun does well in the value for money category as evident by their moderate prices when evaluated against their success rate.
Where: Smart Village
Contact: +20235371717,   Facebook,    Website


6 – Shalakany Law Office

Next up on our list is Shalakany law firm. Shockingly, this is the second firm on our list that was founded over a century ago. It’s also a member firm of Lex Mundi, a global network of leading law firms. The mere fact alone that Shalakany is part of the Lex Mundi network is a major indicator of this firm’s quality since Lex Mundi only allows the most experienced and knowledgeable firms to join their network. Our survey revealed that clients are extremely satisfied with Shalakany’s legal services, with 80% of the clients giving only positive reviews. To put that in perspective, the average “positive only” reviews from our survey is only 30%. In terms of value for money, the pricing may be marginally higher than other law firms, but in our humble opinion, it’s absolutely worth it according to our survey results.
Where: Zamalek
Contact: +20227288888,    Facebook,    Website


7 – Youssry Saleh & Partners

With more than 30 years of experience, Youssry Saleh Law Firm established a solid reputation that’s still improving with time. In terms of capabilities, they claim to be a full-service law firm, but many in the industry highlighted their strength lies in commercial and business law. Based on our research, their lawyers are competent in their respective areas and do their utmost for their clients. Their recent track record is very good, and many of their clients stated that this firm brings good results and in a timely fashion. While this firm may not be as old as others on this list, there’s no doubt that if they maintain their level of service and dedication to their clients, they’ll find themselves climbing our list pretty soon.
Where: Nasr City
Contact: +201062775510,   Facebook,    Website


8 – Ayman Sultan Law Firm

While this law firm may not boast the prestigious image like other firms on our list, we included Ayman Sultan Law Firm based solely on our survey results. They stood out for all the right reasons, starting with client satisfaction levels, which are through the roof. Most clients rated their service as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ while only 12% were unhappy with their service. Recent results show that this law firm is riding a steep upwards trajectory as they attract more talented lawyers and accumulate more experience and knowledge. Their pricing may be slightly lower than other firms on this list, but well above the average in Egypt. They do cater very well to foreigners in Egypt as they’ve carved out this particular niche for themselves. Overall, a good Ayman Sultan is a good law firm we’d happily recommend, especially to expats.
Where: Maadi
Contact: +201062163594,   Facebook,   Website


9 – Challenge Law Firm

Unlike many firms that join massive networks, or become affiliated with international law firms, Challenge remains independent but still manages to deliver a world class legal service. Their mission is to “fight for your rights” and that’s as simple and to the point as it can get. Their clients praised their transparent approach, and keeping them in the loop of what’s going on. They are patient with their clients, taking the time to explain any legal process. More than 35% of the respondents described Challenge’s legal services as ‘excellent’ – one of the highest in our survey. They might not be as experienced as others on this list, but their legal knowledge can challenge the best of Egypt. On the pricing front, you can find cheaper alternatives around but you’ll have to compromise on the quality of service.
Where: New Maadi
Contact: +201014142319,   Facebook,   Website


10 – AM Law Firm

Last but not least is AM Law Firm, founded in 2009 by Dr. Ayman Abdallah, bringing a wealth of experience and legal expertise to his firm. AM is capable of various legal services including litigation, arbitration, corporate law, intellectual property, mergers, acquisitions and much more. For such a young firm, their clients seem remarkably satisfied with their service. In fact, no other law firm founded after the year 2000 boasted better client satisfaction results than AM Law firm. Pricing is lower than other firms on our list but still hovers above the national average for a variety of their services. Their recent results are generally positive, and while we are not permitted to discuss the details of any cases, we can tell you that their success rate is far beyond most law firms in Egypt. The only negative point is the low number of lawyers they have when compared to firms listed above, so their resources may be stretched slightly.
Where: Nasr City
Contact: +20222707363,   Facebook,     Website

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